Ice Products

iceman big tube ice photo

Tube Ice, Big

Big Tube Ice is great for a slower dilution rate of drinks or when ice needs to be stored for longer periods of time.

Iceman Baby Tube Ice

Tube Ice, Baby

Baby Ice is a popular choice for beverage stalls and bubble tea vendors. Nice and crunchy for people who like to chew their ice.

Iceman Crushed Ice

Crushed Ice

Crushed Ice finds its home in Fishery Ports and Wet Markets to keep Fresh Meat and Seafood at safe to consume temperatures. Some coffee shops prefer crushed ice for its smaller granular nature.

Iceman Block Dry Ice

Block Dry Ice

Dry Ice is normally used for its ability to keep temperatures low. Block Dry Ice is the slowest sublimating of dry ice products and typically chosen over its siblings when temperature maintenance over long periods of time are necessary. Available in 2.5 Kg and 1 Kg sizes.

Iceman Pellet Dry Ice

Pellet Dry Ice

Dry Ice is normally used for its ability to keep temperatures low. Pellet Dry Ice is typically chosen for more temperature sensitive applications where extremely low temperatures are required, or for use in Dry Blasting equipment. Available in 9mm and 3mm diameters.

Iceman Artisan Ice

Artisan Ice

Premier Crystal Clear, large hand cut ice. This ice is supplied to many upscale bars and is popular for its beauty and slow dilution properties.

Iceman Large Block Ice

Large Block Ice

Large Block Ice is usually broken down into smaller pieces, whether 18 Kg or 50 Kg. Without breaking down our large block ice range from 100-130 Kg weights.

Industry Ice

Industrial Ice

All types of ice in bulk with the necessary logistical support for large scale industrial use such as concrete cooling.